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This is an antique Khamseh. A collector´s and also a nice decorative rug for who will appreciate a shabby chic piece. It shows the classic three medallions design, idiosyncratic of the tribes of the Fars province, each of them decorated with an elaborated geometric stylization of a bunch of flowers. Scholars have suggested the origin of the row of medallions as the representation of water fountains, a feature that strongly sustains this theory are the stepped multicolored borders, the zig-zag has from very remote time symbolized ‘water’. Even the antique Egyptian hieroglyphic for ´water’ consists of zig-zag lines. The three narrow guards are the type named nimgol, meaning half-medallion, referred to the half lobbed rosette, flanked by serrated leaves. The beautiful frame in ivory color, zig-zagging towards the field on the long sides, with four large extensions on the corners, has a lattice pattern filled with geometrized three lobbed shrubs. The weaver of this rug was determined not to leave empty spaces on the field, Horror vacui at its maximum! This is one of the most extreme examples, every available area is covered with innumerable tribal motifs: eight lobbed rosettes, talismans, trees of life, animals (some of them, minute), splendid peacocks, khorassani, checkered sharandji gols, bothe, two Guardian of the Water Birds´ with flowers growing of them backs, placed at the upper sides of the central medallion, and most important: woman figures, six of them, interpreted as the proud signature of the weavers.

Literature: related example on book. Rugs and Art – Hali Publications, London 2017,

Plate 39, Page 70 and Plate 79, Page 134.

Provenance: Trybiarz Collection – Buenos Aires


a. Origin South Persia, Province of Fars, Khamseh tribes.
b. Estimated Age Antique: Late 19th century
c. Craft (Embroidery etc) Wool pile knotted on wool foundation
d. Size (mention cm/inches) 256cm x 170cm
e. Condition Report Low pile. Complete, even with kilims present in both ends. Both ends secured.
f. Damage & Shortcomings Foundation visible, old repairs.
g. Item Location (Country) Argentina
Seller Name Trybal – Abel Trybiarz
Seller's Email ID