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118-020 Nine Deity Amitayas Buddha mandala thangka in brocade

    This Newari style depiction of the Tibetan 'nine deity' Amitayas Buddha mandala is beautifully rendered by the Nepali artist Basu Lama. This mandala's origin is from the 'Arya-aparimitayurjnana-nama-mahayana sutra' associated with the 9th century Mahasiddhi Jetari. Amitayas is an aspect of the Buddha whose presence promotes long life, purification, longevity and healing. He assists the sincere in their quest for enlightenment. The central figure is surrounded by his various emanations. Also, present are his linage teachers. Where the Tibetan traditional renderings of this mandala can be distant, dry and mechanical, this Newari rendition is far more intimate, natural and inviting. This is a very attractive, warming, piece which creates calm.


a. Origin Nepal
b. Estimated Age 20 years old
c. Craft (Embroidery etc) handpainted on canvas set in a handmade ornate brocade
d. Size (mention cm/inches) brocade is 53 inches long and 33 inches wide
e. Condition Report Painting and brocade are in excellent condition
f. Damage & Shortcomings None
g. Item Location (Country) Thailand
Seller Name Michael Sandy
Seller's Email ID