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This is an antique Khamseh. A collector´s and also a nice decorative rug for who will appreciate a shabby chic piece. It shows a two medallions design, idiosyncratic of the tribes of the Fars province. Scholars have suggested that its origin is the representation of water fountains, a feature that strongly sustains this theory are the stepped multicolored borders, the zig-zag has from very remote time symbolized ‘water’. Even the antique Egyptian hieroglyphic for ´water’ consists of zig-zag lines.  The features of this rug are idiosyncratic of the Arab Khamseh tribes: the narrow guards that are usual in early pieces waved by this tribe, and also the so named “Cane Design” the bi-colored linear beautiful frame. The filling of the field and the medallions is starred by the most beloved and characteristic symbol of the Arab Khamseh tribe: the bird or pecking chicken that gives the name to this family of rugs: Morgh (bird in Farsi language)

Literature: many related examples were published on specialized books and catalogs.

Provenance: Trybiarz Collection – Buenos Aires


a. Origin South Persia, Province of Fars, Arab Khamseh tribe.
b. Estimated Age Antique: Late 19th century - early 20Th century
c. Craft (Embroidery etc) Wool pile knotted on wool foundation
d. Size (mention cm/inches) 203cm x 130cm
e. Condition Report Low pile. Complete. Both ends secured
f. Damage & Shortcomings Some foundation visible. A stain on upper right section.
g. Item Location (Country) Argentina
Seller Name Trybal – Abel Trybiarz
Seller's Email ID