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* The Heirloom Bazaar is "Craig's List" style portal created to connect buyers and sellers.

* The sale-purchase transactions i.e. payment and shipping, are conducted directly between the Buyer and the Seller.

* Sellers pay only a one-time set-up fee and a listing fee for each item.



THE HEIRLOOM BAZAAR was created as a service to respond to the need of many inheritors who are looking for new loving homes for their heirlooms.
Over the years, at WOVENSOULS we received dozens of emails asking about our interest in purchasing something they had acquired on their travels 30 years ago or something they inherited but did not have space for.
The idea of a portal was conceived  and the 'stay-at-home' circumstance thrust upon us by the pandemic allowed the us to take that idea to the next stage - i.e. the creation of the website - The Heirloom Bazaar.
About 600 specialist hours and and over a thousand dollars have already been invested in creating this platform.
What we present today is a working functional portal but there are dozens of ways it can improve.
With your understanding and support, we will make it better and better.

So do join in to the journey, sign up & share the site with your friends.
~ Jaina Mishra