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User Advisory

  1. The Role of “”

“” is an online web-based listing portal (termed "website" henceforth) offering the service of listing information and facilitating communication between Users who may be prospective "Buyers" (henceforth termed "Buyers") or “Sellers”.

The website itself is neither a Buyer nor a Seller.

For Sellers the purpose of the website portal is to offer their item for sale through a listing with photographs and descriptions with the understanding that the actual sale transaction is conducted privately with the Buyer outside the website.

For Buyers the purpose of the website is to offer a browsing gallery of listings from numerous Sellers and a channel to communicate with Sellers outside the website with the understanding that any resulting purchase / payment is to be conducted outside the website.

  1. For Users Registered as Sellers on the website portal:

All Seller registrations will have to go through a basic ID verification with a Facebook or LinkedIN ID that has been active for 2 years or more.

All approved Sellers are required to pay a Registration Fee and a Set-up fee in order to activate their account.

Approved Sellers, after payment of registration fees, may create unlimited number of listings for which guidelines are provided.

Every listing will go through a quality check to ensure standardised quality.

A Listing Fee is charged per listing per year and is payable upfront, after which the quality-checked listing will be published.

Sellers grant the website portal a perpetual, irrevocable, unlimited, worldwide, fully paid/sublicensable license to use, copy, display, distribute, and make derivative works from content posted in the listing including the photographs.

Sellers may also opt in to promote their listing in various ways. Details available in the Fee Schedule.

Sellers are solely responsible for

  • the accuracy of the statements made in the listing,
  • the completeness of information provided,
  • the authenticity of the item listed,
  • the full disclosure of the condition of the item and
  • the suitability of the pricing of the all of the listings they create on the website.

The content of the listing and item, the legality of the listing and the ownership claims of the listing are all the sole responsibility of the Seller.

In case of any reports of violation / dispute / disagreement with any individual, institution or government body, the website reserves the right to disable or delete the listing.

When a Seller makes a payment for registration or listing or promotion of a listing, the Seller authorize the marketplace to receive payment. Fees are non-refundable, even for listings we remove, delay, or otherwise moderate. We may refuse any listing.

Your submission of personal information through the store is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Sellers will have their email IDs made known to prospective Buyers.

  1. For Users registered as Buyers on the website portal

All Buyer registrations will have to go through a basic ID verification by providing a Facebook or LinkedIN ID that has been active for 2 years or more.

Upon approval Buyers have access to all the listings and can connect to Sellers directly.

Buyers are solely responsible for building their own confidence in the reliability of the Seller through the Facebook / Linked ID verification of Sellers and conversations with Sellers.

Buyers are solely responsible for doing their own research and asking questions to judge the accuracy of the listing and make judgements regarding the authenticity, the age claims, the condition claims.

Buyers are solely responsible for judging the suitability of pricing.

Buyers are solely responsible for verifying the ownership claims of the listings seen on the website portal through videocalls and other media.

Buyers are solely responsible for checking out the legal aspects of the listing and the compliance of purchase with the relevant applicable laws.


  1.  Communication, Payment, Shipping

Buyers communicate with Sellers directly using the contact details provided in the listing.

Buyers make payment to the Sellers directly using Paypal or any other safe platform.

Sellers ship to Buyers directly.

Communication, Payment and Shipping are conducted outside the website and the website portal is not a party to any of the agreements that the Buyer & Seller have with each other.


  1. Scope of Services

The website is platform for  exchanging information and facilitating communication between Buyers and Sellers.

As the website does not have any control over the actions of Buyers and Sellers, any agreement that Buyers & Sellers have with each other is independent of any agreement that Buyers and Sellers individually have with the website.

The only responsibility of the website toward the Seller is to ensure that items are listed / promoted as agreed, and to create a method for interested Buyers to contact the Seller.

The only responsibility of the website portal to the Buyer is provide items to browse through and enable Buyers to connect to Sellers.

  1. Dispute Resolution between Buyers & Sellers on the website portal

Any dispute arising between a Buyers and a Sellers will need to be resolved with each other amongst themselves. The website is not responsible for playing advocate to any dispute between users.

If a  trusted payment provider like Paypal is used for payment, Paypal assists in dispute resolution between Buyers and Sellers.

The website portal itself is not in any position to resolve disputes between Buyers & Sellers.


  1. Intellectual Property

Permission is not  granted to any user, buyer or seller   to copy imitate or use the website or any element within without permission. Use of the website does not grant any user  a licence or interest to any of the intellectual property of the website portal.

Registered Sellers have a limited licence to use the website for their personal use to only promote their listings. No other rights to the usage of the website portal are granted.

  1. Disclaimers

The website does not endorse any users;

The website has no responsibility other than the stated responsibility of facilitating listings by Sellers and enabling connections between prospective Buyers and Sellers.

The website does not accept any responsibility for the reliability, the accuracy, the completeness of the listing, the authenticity of the item, the suitability of the pricing, or the ownership claims of the any of the listings created on the website.

The website does not control the content, condition, legality or suitability of any products or services advertised by users.

Sellers are solely responsible for providing accurate information, and the website does not confirm the accuracy of any information provided.

  1. Limitation of Liability

The liability of the website to any user is limited to the total amount paid to the website for the use of the website, pro-rated for the amount of time that services were consumed.

This limitation applies to any claim the user may have against the website, including under contract, tort, negligence, equity or statute. This limitation will help to protect you from liability under different kinds of legal avenues the user could use in making a claim against you.

  1. Indemnity

The user indemnifies (compensate for loss and secure against responsibility) the website from any claims arising out of their use of the marketplace.

The user is solely responsible for any loss he / she  may suffer as a result of the use of the website and indemnifies website administrators from any losses.

The user indemnifies the marketplace from any treachery, misrepresentation, misconduct, fraud, scams, conducted by any other user of the website.