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108-006 Shouldercloth (ling-chay) from Lahoul

A Lingchay is a hand-woven shawl locally used as a shoulder wrap. Found in profound variety and color, they were woven on manual looms by the rural women of mountainous Spiti and Lahoul in Himachal Pradesh. There are 3 patches of cloth across the top; the middle strip shows a Swastika to protect the upper back of the woman from evil spirits entering the body, and 2 triangular shapes on each side give support to the silver brooch, which is used to close the shawl from the front.

The main colours used for patterning are red, orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, black and white. Out of these five colours represent five elements—white stands for water, yellow for earth, red for fire, green for air and blue for ether.

The ends of the ling-chay is fixed by a silver brooch, called digra

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a. Origin Kinnaur, North India
b. Estimated Age First half ot 20th century
c. Craft (Embroidery etc) Woven, two stripes sown together
d. Size (mention cm/inches) 80 x 117cm
e. Condition Report Good, signs of usage
f. Damage & Shortcomings None
g. Item Location (Country) Greece
Seller Name Michael
Seller's Email ID