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108-013 Beadwork Chakla from Gujarat

Shows a cow with a calf and a Swastika

Surrounded by trees

Gujarat, Saurashtra

Probably it was originally stitched on a piece of cloth

The method of work is a tri-bead system (tran moti-no thansiya), worked row-by-row, three beads being taken up at each stitch; on the return row, the stitching of the beads moves forward one position, so that as the work progresses row-by-row a close rhomboid network is formed

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a. Origin Gujarat, India
b. Estimated Age 19th/20th century
c. Craft (Embroidery etc) Beadwork
d. Size (mention cm/inches) 29 x 33cm
e. Condition Report Very good
f. Damage & Shortcomings None
g. Item Location (Country) Greece
Seller Name Michael
Seller's Email ID