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This is an antique rug, with three medallions that is a classical design of the tribes of the Fars province. The color palette is masterfully harmonized. The motifs displayed on this rug are both idiosyncratic to the Khamseh and Qashqai tribes. The medallions show the stepped borders, that is an ancient symbol for water in many Middle-East cultures. This stepped lines are replicated as an outside frame for the field, enclosing almost half –medallions. Particularly appealing are the four on the corners of the field, on ivory color with beautifully rendered shrubs and peacocks. This same motifs fill the field. It is noteworthy the synthetized design of the peacocks, just formed by two adjoined triangles and a few details, and still we recognize the birds’ main characteristics.

The borders system features the main guard as a interesting variation of the one named “stareh donbaledar” with important serrated leaves and diamonds with enclosed cruciform stars. The secondary guards feature an arrangement of polychromatic diagonal lines, named   ´barber pole border´, that add interesting small detail to the piece. A very attractive tribal rug, well maintained for its age.

Provenance: Trybiarz Collection – Buenos Aires


a. Origin South Persia, Province of Fars, Khamseh tribes.
b. Estimated Age Antique: early 20Th century
c. Craft (Embroidery etc) Wool pile on wool foundation
d. Size (mention cm/inches) 193 cm x 153 cm
e. Condition Report Medium to low pile all around. The rug is complete.
f. Damage & Shortcomings Some areas of knots visible. Both ends secured.
g. Item Location (Country) Argentina
Seller Name Trybal – Abel Trybiarz
Seller's Email ID