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118-017 Sacred Stupa thangka in brocade

This Newari style thangka is a rendition of the Sacred Stupa. It is an extremely rare and unusual depiction. The stupa originated, in India, and represents the stages of the evolution of human consciousness, from the gross materialistic level to the vast, sublime expanse of Pure Emptiness. Traditional Tibetan and Newari mandalas are a two-dimensional image, take from above, of a three-dimensional architectural stupa construction. The central deity depicted in the mandala represents the particular vibrational essence that stupa conveys, which a person meditating upon it can absorb. This thangka is a depiction, from the side, of that sacred mental construct. The thangka was hand painted by the great Nepalese artist Basu Lama. This, and the other stupa thangka listed, are the only ones that I have ever seen.


a. Origin Nepal
b. Estimated Age 20 years old
c. Craft (Embroidery etc) Hand painted thangka on canvas set in handmade ornate brocade
d. Size (mention cm/inches) brocade is 51 inches long and 34 inches wide
e. Condition Report Painting and brocade are in excellent condition.
f. Damage & Shortcomings None.
g. Item Location (Country) Thailand
Seller Name Michael Sandy
Seller's Email ID