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118-028 Nepalese Pure Copper Kali Yoni Yantra In Wooden Frame

This piece is the Tantra Yantra of Yoni Kali, the womb of Shakti. This is a Hindu/ Buddhist meditation devise whose image is to be internalized by the practitioner. Kali is the goddess of time/change. She controls all transformative action. Kali is the essence of divine love. Those who meditate upon Her Yantra receive the energy to make all things possible concerning healing and growth in the spiritual realm.
             In Tantric alchemy, the thirty-six corners of this Yantra represent the thirty-six principles (tattvas) of Creation, that all the phenomenal world emanates from Kali, the Mother's, womb. Kali's Shakti, which comprises all material Nature, is united within the Absolute.
             The five inverted concentric triangles represent the five kosas of the human condition, physical, life force, mental/emotional, wisdom and bliss. Two circles and eight lotus petals enclose the bindu soul. The fifteen corners of the five inverted concentric triangles represent the fifteen principles of experience. The inverted position of the central triangle represents the female regenerative power. The two circles symbolize the cycle of birth and death, which must pierce the bindu to reach Absolute Reality.
             The eight lotus petals represent the eight principles (tattvas), of Prakriti, the cause of the manifesting Universe, the five principles of materiality, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether and the three principles of inner consciousness, the Higher Mind, the Lower Mind and the Ego-sense.
              This is a very powerful Yantra, which has been beautifully rendered in sacred metal. It brings forth a sense of peace, centeredness and wholeness.


a. Origin Nepal
b. Estimated Age 1950
c. Craft (Embroidery etc) Handmade Hammered Pure Copper Sheet- Chased Detail Workmanship
d. Size (mention cm/inches) Copper Yantra 9 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches. In frame 15 inchesx 15 inches - 4 Pounds
e. Condition Report The item is in excellent condition
f. Damage & Shortcomings No visible wear.
g. Item Location (Country) Thailand
Seller Name Michael Sandy
Seller's Email ID